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Including a short 30-second vertical cover story video on your LinkedIn profile can provide numerous advantages. A video allows you to convey your personality and skills while also adding credibility and enhancing your personal brand in ways that written text alone cannot. It also helps to break the ice with people researching your otherwise silent, static profile. Connections you’ve never met may be more likely to continue or initiate a conversation with someone they can see and hear, which may help open the door to honest communication.

You can highlight and demonstrate aspects of yourself that cannot be expressed in words, such as your personality, energy, and like-ability, with a LinkedIn Cover Story video.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media network for businesses and professionals on the internet, with over 756 million members from over 200 countries and territories.

With three versions of LinkedIn, story profiles are as follows:

To The Point

Straight to camera one take with professional audio and video creating a hot-looking video that is a step above shooting it on an iPhone.

We use pro cameras and audio to get the best from you.

Shoot Price £195

Three Scene

A three-take video with professional audio and video to create a more professional profile and show you mean business.

We use pro cameras and audio to get the best from you.

Shoot Price £295

Full Creative

This video can be as creative as you wish. Multi-scene and make it a storytelling profile shot on the best cameras and audio.

We use pro cameras and audio to get the best from you.

Shoot Price FROM £295


We can shoot your video in one take using our specially designed camera.

After many years of filming people, we’ve noticed that many people dislike the idea of being on camera. They would rather do public speaking if given the choice!

The uneasy feeling of looking down the barrel of a dark lens is not new, and the anxiety created pushes most people out of their comfort zone, so you end up spending your time on camera feeling stressed and anxious, while also trying to remember your lines and doing multiple takes, which can be quite frustrating.

Because you can now see the interviewer’s face, you can simply have a one-on-one personal conversation without losing eye contact, resulting in much more realistic dialogue and the ability to read someone’s facial expressions.

One take camera