Video Business Card


We want to create a 60-second homepage branded video that will show what it’s like to work with your company. It can include people in the office, people at work, the culture of working with you, and how enjoyable you are to work with.

With a few lines of inspirational visual text and an effective voice, this video would appeal to your potential clients, giving them a sense of what you have to offer and who you are as a company.

If you want to repurpose the video by replacing the text or voice-over with a more current message, you can simply reuse the video clips and give your video new life.


Shooting on your own modern smartphone can produce excellent results, and we encourage you to film as much of your own business content as possible.

We obviously shoot on professional cinema cameras, which give us more scope and production quality than a mobile, but we frequently use content from clients’ mobiles to supplement their branding story video.


A collection of clips that your company can use however it sees fit. It’s a clever way of building a library of video clips that you can reassemble whenever you need to send out a new branding message or offer a new service.

We will film your company’s best features as well as the people who work with you.